How Much Does It Cost to Go to the Doctor Without Insurance?

You can ask your insurer for permission to pick the most preferred health provider from the network. The patient is more educated and they can help coordinate your health care. You can also get referrals from them to providers in your network for example, an eye physician as well as an orthopedic surgeon. HMO policies typically have lower costs compared to other types of insurance if they remain in the network that they offer.
Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs)

Individuals have the option to pick from a range of providers through exclusive provider organizations. Most of the time, EPO plans don’t include covering medical expenses outside of the network, except in emergency situations. This means that a patient has to pay expenses at their own expense if decide to go to a medical facility or provider outside of the plan’s local network. An individual may or may not be required to choose their primary care provider depending on the plan they select to use. There is no requirement to choose an established primary care doctor if you’d like to speak with a specialist included in the network.

Point-of-Service Plans (POS)

POS plans include plans from both exclusive provider organizations and health maintenance companies. The network of providers tends to be smaller than plans offered by preferred providers and the in-network services to care tend to be less than services provided through health maintenance associations. Point-of-Service plans require the user to select their ideal primary care physician within the plan’s network of primary medical professionals as well as medical professionals including optometrists. When you enroll in a plan that is point-of service, will need to get the referral. It is possible the choice of which physician you want to visit regardless of whether they’re out-of-network or in-network, just like the preferred provider organisations. Be aware that you will have to make a payment if you visit any doctor who is not part of the network.


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