Great Ways to Help You Take Care of Yourself Activities for 60 Year Olds – Biology of Aging

have sunscreen in them They also contain sunscreen so it’s another choice to consider.

Toners help eliminate unwanted dirt on the skin. Furthermore, they provide moisture, and if used frequently, can enhance the look of your skin. Don’t buy the most expensive toner. Instead, choose one made of pure components.

Enjoy an Great Massage

The experience of a massage goes beyond than just a physical activity, it’s an experience. It’s among the best self-care activities for people over 60 due to the fact that it eases tension, reduces stress, and revitalizes your skin. The massage exercises for 60 year olds are:

Massages that are Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage consists of essential oils extracted from plants , such like chamomile, bergamot ginger, geranium, lemon, and tea tree. The massage can improve both your mental and physical health.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is one of the treatments that involves application of heated volcanic stones to the skin regions that comprise your body. This includes your spine, back, abdominal, toes, and stomach. The primary purpose behind this type of massage is for relaxation of and relax the nerve system.


The reflexology massage may offer you zone therapy or reflexology. It involves applying different amounts of pressure to your ears or hands as well as feet. It is thought that these body parts are interlinked with specific organs in the body and applying pressure may help alleviate pain and discomfort in the body.

Get the day off

One of the least talked about self-care options for 60 year elderly people is to have a day off. How do seniors go about this? You can, for example you can hire a housekeeper to do your house chores. It’s not necessary to stress about getting enough time to complete tasks throughout the day. You’ll have time to relax and do something else like reading a book as your home is being cleaned.

It’s not necessary to leave the premises.


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