What Dictates Hospital Prices? – Free Health Videos

Hospitalization can be costly. This video explains the reason hospital care is so costly in America.

Within the U.S. it is often thought that private companies perform better making goods and services at lower cost. American health costs are known to be higher than in several nations.

It’s possible to receive exactly the same treatment in various hospitals, however cost will be different. The cost is determined by the amount of policy the patient is covered by the private insurance. For those with insurance that is public, such as Medicaid might end up paying lower prices because of the number of beneficiaries that Medicaid will cover.

It is the reason why insurance is generally provided through employers. In the event of obtaining insurance for many employees is significantly less costly than insurance for yourself. The private insurers can offer smaller number of clients as compared to Medicaid and are required to negotiate with hospitals on the best price. As a result, prices are not the same for the same process, which can make it difficult for patients and patients to determine which price they’ll have to pay.

The full details can be found in the video.


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