This Could Be Why Your dryer is Not Working – Family Tree Websites

is means that you no need to hang your clothing outside on the line to dry for drying. Unfortunately, like all machines dryers can break. It’s frustrating. If your dryer is not even starting you may have easy fixes. This video will walk you through three options to check if the dryer won’t start. If none of the above are the cause you should contact your preferred dryer repair expert.

Most often, it is the lever which determines whether the dryer door is locked or not. In order to protect the user it is recommended that the dryer not be turned on until the lever is pulled into the floor from the front. The lever will be located in the lower part of the dryer, along its inside edges. If you press it down there should be a click. That’s the problem.

Another thing to look to see if the button is on the start. Then, you can access the back panel and check with a tool. If the circuit has been tampered with then you will hear a small beep noise. If no sound is heard it is your problem. Check out the video to learn more.


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