Why You Might Need Catering

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Catering, or the lack thereof, can make or break an event. Importantly, catering is about more than just cooking food, as it can also involve event planning, setup and cleanup of an event. On that note, while food is the star of the catering world, it is only one part of the whole catering equation, as catering involves more than food.

Wedding food catering is still quite important, as weddings are one of the top events which are regularly catered. The average cost of a wedding reception in 2012 was $13,106, with wedding catering costs making up a small portion of that. Some wedding catering ideas include a banquet style of serving, and to have food that fits with the area of the wedding. For example, a Maryland wedding would do well to be catered by a wedding catering company that provides crab cakes or seafood.

Interestingly, about a quarter of all weddings are destination weddings, in which the wedding party and guests travel to a location for the wedding. In that case, the wedding party would have to find local catering companies that could provide wedding food catering. Only a quarter of couples pay for their weddings themselves, so in some cases the catering is less lavish than others. Overall, catering is an extremely important part of weddings. More like this article: affordableweddingsfl.com

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