Three Things It Would Be Wise to Do As You Look For Your First Home

Residential property investor

My sister is selling a house in Boise, and through lots of interactions with people who are buying a house for the first time she has discovered that most people have no idea what to look for when buying a house. They visit multiple houses, never take notes, spend only a few seconds in each room, and think that they are going to get a good deal! In the interest of protecting the first time home buyers, here are just three things you can do to make a smarter decision.

1. Do not trust your memory.

Chances are that you will be going to visit at least several houses before making a decision. If you visit more than one house in a single day then you might not have an accurate remembrance of all of the houses, what you liked, what you did not like, and what gave you concerns. Taking notes and pictures is a great way to more objectively analyze a house when you go home to think about making an offer.

2. Investigate for hidden problems.

Some people when selling a house will put a fresh coat of paint on to cover up structural problems, so look closely. Are any of the rooms damp or smelling of mold? Do you see signs of water damage anywhere? How is the flooring, and does it look like it might need to be replaced in the near future? Depending on how much of a fix it up nature you have, finding potential problems might not be a big deal, but most people do not want to purchase a house that will require thousands of dollars to get to prime condition.

3. Check that existing fixtures are functioning.

If there are appliances that come with the house, do they work? What about the water? Check the faucets, and even give the water a taste. Do the light fixtures look really old, and do the electrical outlets and switches work? A failure to recognize potential problems in the early stages could mean that you will have a lot of work on your hands once you have committed to a house and purchased it.

My sister is the kind of real estate agent that when selling a house is not out to trick anyone into a bad decision, but not all agents are like that. When buying a first home these are only three of the many things to keep in mind. You want to be happy with your first home, not regretful, so take a little time to investigate and you will not be sorry.

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