Soy Nuts Are Healthy, Genetic Modification Is Not

Soy food products

Did you know that the largest food corporation in the world, responsible for genetically modified organisms and unhealthy imitation soy beans, is also largely responsible for the aftermath of the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam war?

Yup, we are talking about Monsanto. This conglomerate seems staunch on having a monopoly over the way the entire world ingests food, and their preferred way is unhealthy, environmentally disastrous, and all around unnatural. More than 90% of soybeans are now genetically modified, thanks to the stranglehold of Monsanto lobbyists.

The genetically modified soy bean that Monsanto has invented has given an unfair reputation to a bean that, for thousands of years before Monsanto was even conceived, has been a healthy snack rich in nutrients. The benefits of soybean foods may surprise you.

To properly observe the benefits of soybean snacks, we should start at their inherently high protein levels. For a vegetarian wondering how to snack healthy, soy products will be key. A small serving of soy can have up to 10 or 11 grams of protein in it.

Some other benefits of soybean products are that they contain no trans fats or cholesterol, and are high in Omega 3s and Omega 6s, which promote healthy brain activity and promote mental clarity and focus. Many of these nutritional benefits of soybean products are void once they have been genetically modified.

The benefits of soybean do not stop at nutrition either. The soybean was first introduced to the US in the beginning of the 20th century. It was to be used in the manufacturing of industrial products like oil, plastic and ink. In fact, the Ford Motor Company spent around $1,250,000 on soybean research between the years of 1932 and 1933.

It was not until later that we discovered the health benefits of soybean products. And it took an even shorter amount of time for those benefits of soybean products to be snatched up and rendered defunct by the corporate giant, Monsanto. Soy products have so many nutritional benefits to them, please do indulge, just be careful who you buy your salted or unsalted soy nuts from!

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