Protecting Yourself and Your Employees with ISO Information Security

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First you may ask, what is ISO? ISO stands for International Standards Organization. ISO information security is setting standardization business procedures and for keeping online records secure. Recently, information security breaches, and the volume and value of information are highlighting the ever increasing need for organizations to protect their information. An ISMS, or Information Security Management System is a way to systematically manage sensitive organization information so that it remains secure.

One growing ISO information security program is ISO 14001. Over a span of 159 countries and economies, ISO 14001 was used by a minimum of 223,149 organizations by 2010. Why are so many organizations jumping on ISO 14001? The main purpose of ISO 14001 is to set out criteria for an environmental management system. By using ISO 14001, companies give themselves and edge over the competition.

Environmental ISO information security, like the 14001 series, provides practical tools for companies that want to identify and control their environmental impact and continue to improve their environmental performance. The benefits of using ISO 14001 to an organization are reduced cost of waste management, savings in consumption of energy and materials, lower distribution costs, and improved corporate image among regulators, customers and the public.

These days, online training makes Iso 14001 certification a breeze for any organization. ISO 14001 and food safety certifications play a huge role in American lives today. Dr. Daniel E. Salmon named the illness causing bacteria, Salmonella. This little germ has been causing severe gastrointestinal disease for over 100 years. Preventing this bacteria from getting into our food is key and usually regulated by this type of ISO. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, or Haccp certification makes sure anyone handling our food uses the safest practices and most effective precautions.

Other ISO information security programs have been set up for different types of regulations. ISO 27001 for example, is a management system that is meant to bring information security under direct management control. The domains this ISO information security program covers include asset management; human resources security; communication and operations management; information systems acquisition, development, and maintenance; compliance; and much more. Organizations are also urged to take ISO 27001 training courses. ISO certification requirements can usually all be met online.

Whatever your ISO information security needs, do your research, and find out what similar businesses are using. These standardizing programs really can give you the competitive edge you need, and make your customers and employees feel safe. ISO information security is just one more step for a growing business, so get your training started today. Ger more information on this topic here:

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