What Its Like to Be a Commercial Electrician – This Week Magazine

dustries, or handle many different tasks. This video will show you how it’s like to work as a commercial electrician all day long.

In this short video, an electrician has to be sure that all electrical outlets located in the building that houses childcare facilities are safe from tampering. The town that the electrician is working in needs outlets placed in the vicinity of five feet to the floor to be tamper proof if little children will be running around.

The electrician purchases his tamper proof outlets and place them in the ground close to the outlets he’ll have to switch. He doesn’t have to carry additional tools, and can have an easy-to-read map of where to go to change the outlets.

The electrician than puts in a circuit tracer inside one of the outlets . Then, he is able to use the circuit breaker to turn off power to the particular outlet. The outlet can then be utilized without risk. The user removes the cover, and inserts the outlet that is tamper-proof.

To learn more you can watch this video above.


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