Documenting Your Wedding with a Photo Booth Rental

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Before people were taking “selfies” digitally and posting them to the Internet on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker, there was the predecessor known as the photo booth. In modern day, the first photo booth charged 25 cents and was capable of taking only eight pictures in a span of ten minutes.

Now the nostalgic lure of a photo booth like one you might have used at a vintage amusement park can be indulged if you rent a photo booth. You may find that the decision to rent a photo booth for your next big party or function would be a perfect stylistic statement and provide entertainment to your guests.

Photo booth companies, including those that offer Orange County photo booth rentals and San diego photo booth rentals, may be able to help in making your special event all the memorable and engaging. For example, securing a photo booth rental for weddings is a fun option, but it can also allow your guests to document their experience at your reception. It can also help you get photos of you, your spouse, and your loved ones for a personalized wedding keepsake.

“Photography” originally comes from a Greek word meaning “painting with light.” But only one fifth of pictures captured by a digital camera are ever reproduced in paper form, and with that in mind, photo booth companies who offer these rentals are equipped with technology that enables you to share your photo booth sessions via social media immediately afterwards.

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  1. This is one of the better ideas for a wedding reception that Ive heard in a long time, and Im a wedding planner by profession. Where can I see real photo booth documentation from someones wedding online?

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