Whats the Best Way to Clean Your Driveway? – Interstate Moving Company


Their driveways are their primary concern. But a neat and properly-paved driveway could completely improve the look and appearance of your home. Every homeowner must strive to improve the curb appeal of their home should they ever plan on selling. It’s not too much effort to clear your driveway. Invest in something that lasts. There are a variety of strategies to clear your driveway, but some seem to work better in comparison to other approaches. In this video, you are following a designer as he tries out three different ways of cleaning a driveway.

First of all, this creator tries these methods to clean a driveway that is stained by oil grease, and car fluid. They tested Rustoleum detergent Tide laundry detergent and BacKrete. The oil stain was divided up to test every product. The results are clear, BacKrete was the one that is most expensive and did the least work on the stain. Next was Tide that worked well but needed a lot of scrubbing. In the end, the degreaser ruled in the top spot with its light scrub and its cost-effectiveness.


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