What to Expect From Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning – Small Business Tips

CVC shows how to clean an exhaust pipe for commercial kitchens. This video shows the technicians removing kitchen covers. They are removing the covers from the exhaust vent. After that, they will show all parts of the commercial kitchen exhaust and show how filthy it can get.

On the outside, experts will remove the roof of the vent and wash down the inside of the vent. They use power washers and scrubbers. The vent is also clean using a cleaner. They demonstrate how these devices eliminate dirt, grime and even oil. The following video showcases the before-and-after photos of the exhaust.

Technicians inside have houses for cleaning the interior of the exhaust as well as the kitchen. The technicians will scrub the exhaust using the same high-powered hoses, scrubbers and cleansing products. They wash and scrub the covers of the vent. They scrub and scrub down the surfaces of the kitchen. Once everything is washed and scrubbed then they dry equipment manually. 2xlwbd8br1.

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