What Can You Learn in Truck Inspection Class – Car Dealer A

In this video, a Department of Transportation (DOT) explains what he looks for during a truck inspection.

The driver is expected to check and familiarize themselves with their trucks. Then, prior to inspection, the driver has to be interviewed. This is the most important element to be aware of for a motorist.

The police officer will get the door open and check at the inside of the truck. The officer is going to look into how the driver lives and the conditions of their life. Officers will listen and smell what is happening inside the truck, especially the presence of alcohol and drugs. The officer will inspect the floors. Officers also touch the driver’s body, hoping to create a link. Officers also look at the gauges. As per the offices, if they see burn marks in the floorboards or seats, it is likely that the driver is using a pot. All of these items, and so much more can be learned during a an inspection of trucks. fh3qcobnvg.

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