Do You Know How to Perform a Vehicle Inspection – Car Dealer A

In order to maintain their vehicle properly each driver needs to know the basics of an auto inspection. This video takes you through an inspection by a professional and how to make sure that all fluids are in the place they’re supposed to be.
The inspection video below will provide an inventory of the items to be looking over in your vehicle. The mechanic will walk you through the inspection , and demonstrates how to fill any low fluids.
This video demonstrates how to examine the windshield wipers, belts and hoses to make sure that your car is secure. The video will guide you to determine the amount of pressure is required in your tires . The video will also show you how to check the pressure on the tires and to fill the tires up with air when necessary.
The complete video of inspection will be extremely instructive and gives the information every car owner should be aware of. The video will teach you how to maintain and inspect your vehicle. iwkotqgpfv.

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