A Weekend Warrior 4×4 Post Dock Project – NC Pool Supply

This is one of those videos for people who love building things. More specifically, the video teaches you how to make a dock out of the 4×4 posts within the span of a weekend.

The course will teach you everything you need to build docks. In order to hold everything together, you will need 4×4 posts and dock sections. This video then goes through the steps of building the dock. It also shows each step in action, which clarifies what need to do.

Building a dock this way could be daunting, but this video simplifies everything. It will allow you to make a sturdy, beautiful dock you can be satisfied with. You can learn how to put in the stiffener cleat. The last part of this video provides a lot of useful information. If you’re trying to turn into a weekend warrior, then this video is worth your time. When you’ve finished, you’ll prepared to spend your weekends wisely building the best dock for your needs. 8b7nxixfdg.

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