Which Size Goldendoodle is Right for Me? – Funny Pet Videos

Minimal doodles have a weight of under 30lbs. The height of mini doodles is typically around 16 inches. Also, you can find teacups and other toys that fall into this category.

The medium doodle will follow. They’re both small and huge, and therefore could be useful for daily activities. This is the most well-known variant of the Goldendoodle. They weigh around 30 to 40 pounds, and can have a height of 16 to 20 inches high.

The standard doodle is the last which is typically about 22 inches in length. A standard doodle technically refers to anyone who weighs over 40 pounds. However, they typically weigh between 50-60 pounds.

To find the right size for your Goldendoodle, contact a breeder! faiw8wkqfl.

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