7 Most Popular Patio Designs – Home Improvement Tips

Open patios are vulnerable to outdoor elements, something you’d like to stay clear of. The patio that is screened in allows you to enjoy the outside without worrying about bugs, dust, weather, or even noise.

Screen rooms offer an ideal option for those who require a garden, but haven’t got a lot of outside space. It can be attached to an existing deck or even put it on the patio of a smaller size. It can be used to entertain guests, or to use for private purposes outside, without having full access to your complete backyard.

3. A beautifully decorated patio

A covered patio is also among the most sought-after stylish styles for patios. This design is ideal for homeowners looking to have a space outdoors that can be partially shaded or completely covered, depending upon their requirements. The designs can make use of diverse roofing materials such as roofs made of shingle. The roof will provide greater protection from the elements than a roof, however, you’ll still have access to light and airflow through your windows and overhead doors in the warmer months. Ceiling fans are a common element on patios with covered areas. They circulate air and also keep pests out of the patio. Since this fan does not require an enclosure, it’s great for areas with high ceilings.

4. Porch with screen

Though screened-in porches may be used interchangeably to refer to a screened patio or screened balcony, they do have variations in their design as well as their purpose. While both spaces may look identical from the outside, screen-in patios are generally less enclosed than patios due to the fact that they usually include walls and an overhead door, which could be clos ayn9rckdsh.

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