Understanding Legionnaires Disease – News Health

Legionella bacteria is the culprit behind Legionnaires disease. It can occur throughout the time of the year. However, more cases have occurred at the end of the summer and the fall. This illness can be difficult to detect in the beginning, because it can have symptoms that have a similarity to other types of pneumonia. This condition is typically manifested by high temperatures, coughs, chills, as well as a intense headache. In some cases, patients may also experience headaches or muscles pain.

In most cases, symptoms begin about 14 days after the exposure to bacteria. The results of Legionnaire’s Disease can be severe and even life-threatening. However, it is treatable using antibiotics. well-informed people are usually able to recuperate. The bacteria responsible for the disease are usually present in the natural environment, and is usually humid ones. The best environment for it is warm waters, including those found in cooling towers, hot tubs, hot tanks components of HVAC systems, as well as large plumbing systems. Patients contract the illness through breathing in gas that has been contaminated with Legionella. 8ong3qjmao.

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