Replacing a Single Garage Door Panel – Discovery Videos

At an new video clip, Jacob Swenson, a garage-door Technician, walks one through the practice of substituting panels on doors.

For this particular Undertaking , you will need:

2 pairs of grips
1 Come Along
An effect drill or wrenches

To replace the board, Stick to with the step-by-step instructions outlined by Swenson in the movie:

B ring the garage off the ground approximately four or five in..
Put your grips below a pair of pliers on both sides of the garage. Be sure to place them beneath the same pair of pliers on each side of the garage.
Put the twist across the cable on both sides of the garage and place some strain about it, or so the cable begins to slack out.
Un do the hinges on top along with the panel that you would love to eliminate.
Un do the come along so that the panel begins to shed accomplished. The board needs to start to shed so you could lift it out.

The moment the panel is outside, you will be ready to restore the board.

If you’ve got the correct tools, this procedure may be straightforward. But if that you actually don’t really feel comfortable doing the job yourself, a professional can immediately find the job done to youpersonally. yuiglppcaz.

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